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Krishna Varnasrama Cultural Association

 Welcome To Kavaca
 The recent course of human history has witnessed an unprecedented explosion of technological advancement.
 Within only several hundred years of the dawn of the industrial revolution the entire human civilization
 has undergone a nearly complete transfiguration. Plenty beyond comprehension has manifested almost as if by 
 magic and the people of the World have been exposed to the possibility of attaining a near material perfection.
 However, at the same time and in the same places, vast segments of the Earths population have plummeted into
 regions of abject misery never before experienced nor even dreamed of. So expansive and deeply rooted has
 the encroachment of technology become that its actions threaten the integrity of the natural environment
 which supports human civilization. Verily it threatens also to destroy the fiber of human culture.
 By far the most critical challenge confronting the people of the World is to recognize the deletorious effects
 of over-indulgence in the apparent benfits of this technology, and to seriously seek out appropriate alternatives.
 This challenge must over-ride all other considerations of individually or collectively agreed upon importance.
 Without the acknowledgement of this clear and present danger to humaniy, without decisive, sustained action to
 establish an alternative, the Worlds people cannot expect a reversal of the rapidly deteriorating state of the
 Planet and the wellbeing of its inhabitants.
 KAVACA: The Krishna Varnasrama Cultural Association, has been conceived and established to provide an alternatve
 form of civilization for those people of the World who are searching for positive alternatives to the prevailing
 global conditions.  With the unrestricted proliferation of machine technology since the beginning of the industrial
 revolution have come a host of unexpected and unwanted Cultural Disorders.  These disorders, in the categories of
 Personality, Social and Environmental disturbances serve to diminish our individual and collective experiences
 of happiness and peace.  In effect, they submerge every one of us in aconstant struggle for existence of combatting
 the opposing elements of technological society and of the harsh material nature simply to ek out a meager portion
 of contentment for our inner self-satisfaction. Everywhere one turns there is contention, exploitation, fear,
 frustration and mounting unhappiness.  The dream of peace on Earth and good-will toward others has become a dim
 reflection of an almost forgotten ideal as the World careens headlong into an unknown future, sustained by
 diminishing resources, an over-taxed environment, crumbling infrastructure and a disillusioned population.
 The two primary objectives of KAVACA are, (1) to present an alternative form of civilization to the World which is
 based upon the Vaisnava philosophy of Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, and, (2) to offer Consultantcy Services to
 Vaisnava Missions and other entities in the matter of establishing Vaisnava Cultural Development Systems within
 such organizations.
 The source of inspiration and primary guidance for this undertaking is His Divine Grace Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta
 Swami Prabhupada.  He is renowned throughout the Gaudiya Vaisnava World and in many circles of modern society for
 his two monumental accomplishments as the Founder Acarya of ISKCON, The International Society For Krishna
 Consciousness and the author of over eighty volumes of books. Practically single handedly he began to fulfill
 the prediction that Krishna consciousness would be spread all around the globe in this age.
 His third, and perhaps greatest accomplishment, which has yet to be recognized, understood and realized, is to
 present the vision of establishing the Vaisnava Religion in the form of a World Wide Civilization capable of
 accomodating the entire population of the planet. His many elucidations of the varnasrama-dharma social system of
 ancient India reveal a grand scheme to synthesize the quintessence of that system with the teachings of Sri
 Caitanya Mahaprabhu in order to proliferate a new form of civilization the the coming 10 millenia. The prevailing
 technologically based cultures are thoroughly infiltrated with numerous principles and practices which are
 diametrically opposed to the cultivation of higher levels of spiritual awareness and experience. Individuals born
 into these cultures are indoctrinated from pre-birth in the beliefs, values, attitudes, behaviours and outcomes
 of an exclusively materialistic and exploitive World View.
 These mundane societies view the conception and practice of all religions to be a sub-set of human culture which
 is meant to augment the primary objective of material sense gratification. There is scant knowledge of the
 Transcendental World beyond the limited purview of the material creation, nor is there active propaganda to limit
 the expansion of material aggrandisement or establish proceedures for elevating the people to a higher awareness
 of their divine spiritual nature. At the risk of seriously debilitating the environment which supports them, these
 mundane societies extoll the exploitation of nature, and one another, for limited and temporary benefits. Having
 enjoyed these to their full limit, the long term reactions upon nature and the people in general are left as a
 legacy of burden to their yet unborn descendants.
 For these and many more reasons there is a dire necessity for the proliferation of a new form of civilization which
 is based upon spiritual principles beneficial to the people of the World as well as to the environment which supports
 Such a civilization is also of great necessity for the World Wide society of Vaisnavas who are endeavouring to practice
 the Vaisnava Religion and at the same time introduce it to the people of the World. The purity of any organization is
 greatly impacted by the sources of its subsistence. Through adhesion and osmosis, the qualities and activities of the
 host society are subtly transfered to the dependant society.  So long as the Vaisnava philosophy is represented as a
 religious sub-set of the prevailing materialistic society there shall continue the subtle infusion of materialistic
 principles and practices into the heart of Vaisnava society.
 This subtle but very powerful infusion of diametrically opposed principles has the effect of corruting the purity of 
 the religion and inhibiting its effective transmission to the surrounding cultures. In order to effectively eliminate
 the influences of the surrounding materialilstic society it is essential that the Vaisnava Religion be established as
 a seperate and independant civilization.  This will then permit the people of the World who are seeking a spiritual
 alternative to enter fully into a social system which has been purged of those qualilties from which they seek to
 escape. This is the correct purport of the commonly stated but generally misunderstood addage among the followers of
 His Divine Grace Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada that he built a house in which the entire world can live.
 This is a house not only for his disciples and grand disciples but a house in which all Vaisnavas can enter as welcome
 guests and full-time residents. A house in which every human being can enter and become purified by the chanting of the
 Holy Name and the association of the gentle Vaisnavas who have no personal motivation. A house in which every resident
 has equal access to the resources and wealth of the Father, a house where there is genuine love, trust and an all-pervading
 sense of divine security.
 KAVACA exists to establish "Krishna Varnasrama Transcendental Civilization" as a practical and effective alternative to
 the prevailing decadent civilization of machine technology.
 The Perils Of Encapsulated Consciousness.(Coming soon!)
 Two Challenges To The People Of The World. (Coming soon!)
 Three Challenges To The Vaisnava People Of The World (Coming soon!)
 Mission Statement
 To propagate the Mission of Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu through the performance of Hari Nama Sankirtana,
 distribution of Transcendental Knowledge, Sanctified Foods, Vaisnava Lifestyle and Cultural Paraphernalia.
 To establish Krishna Varnasrama Transcendental Civilization through the development of a Global Federation of
 Sovereign Regional Vaisnava Commonwealths.  Each Commonwealth to be composed of extended family units (Kulam),
 expressed in the form of rural villages (Nagara), surrounded by urban and suburban Cultural Centers.
 To derive cultural subsistence exclusively by performance of purified devotional service to Lord Sri Krishna with
 direct production from the land effected through appropriate dependence upon the cows.
 To instruct and guide the masses of people in the principles and practices of Daivi-varnasrama dharma for the purpose
 of organizing society for the peaceful and orderly affiliation to Krishna Varnasrama Transcendental Civilization.
 To bring all people of the World closer together in an understanding and practice of Bhakti-yoga, devotional service
 unto Lord Sri Krishna, the Supreme Personality Of Godhead and the Reservoir Of All Pleasure.

Krishna Varnasrama Cultural Association
179 Grand Street
New York, NY 10013
United States

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  3. Two Challenges To The People Of The World
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